Food Distribution

For Peter Paul, food distribution is the first and third Wednesday of every month. For some of our group members who can not make it to the distribution, myself included, Laura came up with the idea to get recipes together and make cards to pass out during distribution. My idea was chicken salad sandwiches simply because they are quick, simply, and involve ingredients that everyone should have in their homes. I know this seems like a logical idea, but a lot of people do not know different recipes to do with chicken. Some ideas that my other group members had were mashed sweet potatoes, homey cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes, and brown sugar spiced chicken. Aster was the designs of the operation, she made the 4×6 recipe cards. She said it was pretty pricey so a couple of us agreed that we would pitch in on the price so we could keep it going throughout the semester.

The couple of us who can not make it to the distributions have decided on a few activities to do with the kids at Peter Paul for Halloween. One idea was to get small pumpkins and have the kids paint on them. Keondra found some recipes on Pinterest such as pumpkin flavored brownies and pumpkin rice krispies. We decided on the pumpkin rice krispies since they do not involve any baking. I have emailed Rosemary and presented her with our ideas.