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Area Of Inquiry

My area of inquiry resides in the immense field of research behind finding another Higgs Boson, and the discovery of the Boson itself. Truly, an area of science so grandiose requires a  large, almost unmatched base of research for support. The European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, designed the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), “the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, to research a variety of controversial questions, such as discovering the origins of mass. Discovering the Higgs Boson not only leads the science community to the origins of mass, but also to the completion of the Standard Model, an equation relating an object’s basic particles and governing forces. Quarks, gravitons, and muons: if they don’t sound familiar, that’s okay! My inquiry based project (IBP) revolves around the importance of the Boson relative to the Standard Model, Large Hadron Collider, and the science world, hopefully leaving my reader with an elementary understanding of the Standard Model, Higgs Boson, LHC, and CERN.

Direction (Vector) Of Inquiry

As my introduction tended to be a little vague in describing my real area of intended study, I will clarify and direct my inquiry based project. I will study the impact of the Higgs Boson on the Science community pertaining to the Standard Model. Seems a touch repetitive, but I would sincerely enjoy hearing opinions on this matter.

Your Project In The Concept Space Of The Web

For my project in the Concept Space of the web, I would try and incorporate external articles from CERN, and I would be more than willing to mention multiple classmates’ IBPs if they were to relate to my IBP. Since the material will be very science-oriented, I will insert images and graphs to help explain my IBP. If anyone reading this post has suggestions/ideas/comments, please post them! I can only develop this IBP to be so great on my own, and I believe advice will help me bring this IBP to the next level.

6 thoughts on “Inquiry Based Project

  1. I think a real challenge for you is going to be making sure the concepts are well explained so that any person can read and understand what you’re talking about! I would spend a lot of time examining some good ways to explain concepts to the average layperson.

  2. You always do such a good job of following the instructor’s format, bravo! Your area of inquiry is extremely involved, you are most certainly ambitious. What would another Higgs Boson be? I’m interested to read what other student have to say about future devices so I encourage your imagination to paint us a picture of how it could operate (maybe a SMALLER version that could be equally as efficient?) What if the merging of our minds with technology could provide us with the individual ability to perform such tasks? What benefits do you foresee in the future?

  3. Love this topic. Physics fascinates me lots! There is a discussion in a video series called Inner Outer Worlds on the Higgs Boson that I found to be informative and which explained it in a way that many people could understand.

    Some of it may be further ‘out there’ than you might go for. Still, at least watch this first video and it’ll be thought provoking.

  4. I agree with anisa! Your topic is truly marvelous however getting your point across is going to be tough. I know if I had chosen this project I would have a hard time getting my point across, however its not impossible. I can’t wait to read more about your proposal, its quite interesting!

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