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“Any nitwit can understand computers, and many do. Unfortunately, due to ridiculous historical circumstances, computers have been made a mystery to most of the world. And this situation does not seem to be improving. You hear more and more about computers, but to most people it’s just one big blur. The people who know about computers often seem unwilling to explain things or answer your questions. Stereotyped notions develop about computers operating in fixed ways—and so confusion increases. The chasm between laymen and computer people widens fast and dangerously.”

Or are they?
I believe in capitalism, but I am a strong proponent of sharing information. If someone goes out of their way to learn code, should he or she be responsible to answer questions, or “explain things?” After reading Ted Nelson, I left with my brain contorted; although the chasm between laymen and computer people widens fast and dangerously, which group should really be in the wrong for such a gap? Is there a wrong?

I have come to the conclusion that both groups are in the wrong, yet there are individuals within each group who attempt to ameliorate the widening wound.

The laymen: the common man, whose design is no design, must make an effort to learn more about the technological craze that has been sweeping the nation for the last half-century. Furthermore, he must realize that the jobs that do not require technological skill, especially pertaining to computers, are beginning to minimize in quantity.

The computer people:  a group of individuals who are skilled in the realms of computation and technology must try their best to integrate computational technology into the markets where there is a large group of laborers, should they seek to make a profit. They do not have an obligation to educate every laymen they encounter, and yet they do; the expenditure of energy, time, and other resources on an another individual may seem altruistic, but it can operate out of self-interest! Should the newly-informed individual utilize more computational technology, the “computer people” will be able to sell more product.

What do you guys think? Did you like the poem? What about the duties of the laymen and the computer people? Also, if the picture offends any individual, I will take it down at a second’s notice. It made me chuckle.

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