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“Devices” which variously store, retrieve, or manipulate information in the form of messages embedded in a medium have been in existence for thousands of years. People use them to communicate ideas and feelings both to others and back to themselves. Although thinking goes on in one’s head, external media serve to materialize thoughts and, through feedback, to augment the actual paths the thinking follows. Methods discovered in one medium provide metaphors which contribute new ways to think about notions in other media.

Hadrons are Baryons and Mesons.
A carboxylic acid functional group is -COOH.
The pH of 1M HCL is 0, a pure acid.

I memorize very few facts that I do not use daily or week. For the facts that I use daily and weekly, I do not try to memorize them, and yet, I remember them with ease.

Moshe Bar’s article, Human memory: What did you do last Sunday?, successfully illustrates the extent of the human memory;

We use our experiences, as captured in memory, to anticipate and prepare for upcoming events and encounters.

Why then, should we use our memories for anything else? Would memorizing anything that does not prepare us for the future truly behoove us? What about familial memories, like that time you were a child, picking apples on Carter Mountain with your grandparents?

Externalizing our memories, through diaries, blogs, or publishings, offers an extension to the mind, relieving pressure to memorize every fact. Imagine having to memorize everything about the Battle of Manassas. Outside of very few moments, memorizing those facts is utterly useless! However, if one were to want to learn more about the Battle of Manassas, one can search the thousands of online databases, articles, and websites solely dedicated to supplying information to the individual.

Yet, can we, in all of our power, externalize the power of emotional memories? How powerful is a holocaust story that someone has reblogged for the hundredth time compared to recalling it first hand from the survivor himself or herself? I am not criticizing external memory; I am a huge advocate. I believe, however, that only certain memories and ideas can be extended through devices while being able to sustain their emotional prowess.

The mind is like the ocean; we can try and bottle individual waters to remember them, but they radiate even greatly when they’re a part of the whole.

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