Reflections/Progress Report – Almahmouda


Throughout the past week, I have felt myself drift away from complete research on my Inquiry Based Project. Rather, the assignments pertaining to nuggets and concept experiences have taken up a considerable amount of my time.

I’m at a crossroads.

At one point, I greatly value the structured schedule given to us in class: the due dates were clear; the assignments made transparent; the posts were aligned. Although the first 4 weeks were structured, I was able to effectively portray any idea, emotion, or belief through any of the assigned posts! The beauty of thoughtvectors lies in their nature, as they act similarly to metamediums.

In the previous week, however, the time given to us to research and inform our classmates about our respective IBP proved invaluable; I sifted through countless sources and materials to find the most best and most diverse theories and perspective on the topic of the Higgs Boson. At times, however, I found myself slacking off more than I had in the first three weeks, as I was not required to make a post every day or limit myself to two posts in one day. Yet, in both class structures, I felt as if I performed to the best of my abilities, and I am satisfied so far with my performance.

I am beginning to see that everything in this course is connected, whether it be man-computer symbiosis and expanding technological prowess, or the comments on my internet history.

I cannot wait for the IBPs; they are going to be spectacular.


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