For my focus, I will be discussing the significance of the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson on the development of the scientific community and on the Standard Model of particle physics. My research covered preliminary/background information on my topic, ranging from the description of the Higgs Field to the Standard model. I plan on incorporating my research into my IBP, to ensure full comprehension of the material for the reader.
Furthermore, the influence of the LHC and the HB carries such significance on my subject matter, and I will have to describe the influence from a somewhat unbiased standpoint, as the information is relatively new. However, I will neither relinquish nor extinguish any passion or perspective from my article.
Below is my current “official” source list; I tend to use a lot of informative youtube videos for my research, and I will have to locate their sources in order to fully capture the identity of my information.
IBPs look great people. Keep em coming.
Please, please leave thoughts in the comments. Do you feel as if my research is too limited? Maybe I haven’t made it simple enough for some random person to understand, or maybe you might think I don’t know enough! Please leave thoughts in the comments. Thank you.

Source List:

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