Reflection! – Almahmouda

Through my past week of research, I’ve learned that particle physics is a doozy! I’ve dived into similar complex fields before, but the research, combined with the Thoughtvectors, helped me piece together thoughts and ideas from separate fields into a domain that I have created to help me explain the importance of the Higgs Boson. However, I have learned so much about particle physics along the way, whether it be that hadrons are mesons and baryons, or the interactions with the Higgs field are responsible for mass.
I have a lot more to learn, but I am sure this IBP will demonstrate the greatest extent I know of how the Higgs Boson, Higgs field, and the Large Hadron Collider are relevant in almost all domains of life.

Week 2 Reflection

I apologize to my classmates and teacher for the delay; a familial issue arose.
Onto the main point of my reflection!
I feel that the discussion of an interesting issue, such as the man-computer symbiosis, truly stimulates the launch of Thoughtvectors into Concept Space. Furthermore, the linking, commenting, and mentioning of other blogs within or respective posts creates a web of Thoughtvectors, each influencing the other. The influence of Thoughtvectors on each other does not necessarily generate a homogenous pool of opinions; I have referenced to other blogs that I do not agree with! Nevertheless, I am beginning to see more than an outline of a Thoughtvector, I am beginning to see it’s dimensions and purpose.
Truly, the various opinions in Team Revolution excite me! I’ve had my fair share of online English classes, and never before have I seen such a passion for opinion. Everyone in this class carries with them a crafted style, and it is apparent in each person’s Thoughtvector.

I am still a little blurry on my inquiry-based project. Perhaps I will pursue an idea involving the mechanics of the human mind. Maybe I will incorporate Doug Engelbart’s “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework!”

Progress Report – Almahmoud

Before entering the class, I felt a little skeptic about the idea of Thought Vectors, as they seemed a like a tacky name attached to an elementary idea. However, as the week progressed, I have come to learn that the course has defied my expectations, and yet, I am content. The nugget assignments are ideal for the idea of a Thought Vector, as they encourage concise, thoughtful writing. Concept experiences are fun, too, as they have encouraged me to become vulnerable when it comes to my personal life, which I think is a valuable asset to successfully launching a Thought Vector into Concept Space.
As far as my inquiry goes, I have began to consider possible ideas. Digital technology’s influence on modern society seems to have caught my attention, yet I will keep my mind open.