Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles reflection



      This course was extremely helpful in not only building certain skills but also in helping us identifying our innate skills that are required for efficient academic, professional and personal performances. For example, one of the major skills that I developed was to learn “how to think and reflect” rather than cramming up the material for excelling the exams. This thinking, reflection and critical analysis skills not only helped me in completing my assignments properly, but also facilitated me in making effective and reliable decisions in my personal and academic life.

Another skill that was well established during this course was related to the functional English skills. I believe that English, as a language is necessary and significantly important not only for academic purposes but also for professional purposes. English being the global and internationally recognized languages serves as the common medium to interact and communicate with people belonging to different origins. Therefore, it is important to establish good English spoke, written and listening skills.


      For personal disposition is of great importance weather it is academic or professional life. I believe that ethics and morality are the dispositions that must be established and enhanced at all the levels for better coherence and collaboration.

I think that its hard to understand that a man could need such thought and sympathy for another living animal, in any case, obviously, I have seen something else. On numerous events, I have seen disconcerting conduct both went for myself, or different people and have scrutinized our society’s careless moral standards. For whatever length of time that I can recollect, my capacity to treat others with benevolence has been second nature, and a key part in my moral practices and convictions. Confronted with numerous difficulties amid my adolescence, my empathetic disposition was upgraded, as well as, without a doubt, the most grounded building piece in my ethical establishment.


      Critically evaluating and reflecting on my experience and observations during this course, I believe that this course helped me in establishing my personal, academic and professional skills greatly. It not only helped me in preparing my assignments on time with consistent quality, but also helped me in understanding the importance of on-time delivery of the task, doing them honestly and confidently. However, one of the greatest skills that I have got from this course is the ability to think, reflect, analyze and evaluate before making any choices, judgements or decisions.


      Finally, I would like to tell that I had no major obstacles throughout my course. It was due to the exceptional teaching skills of our teacher that he made us learn and grasp the concepts, lesson objectives and purposes very simply even if they were complex in nature. Some of the course objectives were also complex and needed more focus. However, our teacher made them not only easy, but also helped us in practically applying them in real life scenarios such as in case of ‘critical thinking in real life choices’, etc.

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