Privacy in social media concerns and security

     Nowadays , it’s weird if you found someone without Facebook or any of those social networking sites . The modern technological developments in the mid-nineties of the last century had tremendous advancement and, a real revolution in the world of communication. This allowed   members of the community (adults and teenagers) to live in a technical world and  realistic community. The most prominent of these concerns is the social networking that is available to them through social networks was on the Internet. The first appearance of these networks at the beginning of the nineties. In 1995, Randy Conradz  designed the web site. The goal was to stay in touch with his friends and colleagues who he met in his life. Once  you finish your school or move from the place that you spend couple of years it become  hard to meet with them again . The site helped  him his friends and colleagues to communicate electronically. Social networking sites has started to emergence after that , and now those networks attracted more than two-thirds of Internet users. (Ellison)

 Social networking sites exposes users privacy to identity theft . Recent research indicated that one-third of the members in social networking on the Internet vulnerable to steal their identity cards because about at least three of their information components can be viewed within their personal information in these networks. (Mark Griffiths)

In the era of Internet online  Banking customer must send information about them constantly online, but if you did not think to send this information you  putting yourself  in an embarrassing and difficult position, because the identity thief needs a little information about the victim. The identity thief once he get your information he will hack your e-mile and check the previous report from your bank to know your social security or your account numbers which is enough to steal any person identity, as the banks and colleges and credit card companies rely on social Security to determine the identity of the person card.

 With the increasing number of users who rely on their smartphones to connect to the Internet, many of them do not know the seriousness of the threats that surround them while using  social networking sites without taking the necessary precautions. Many thieves are rely on the detection of geographical location “GPS method”. So once you post something in any of networking sites it will show them where you are and how far you are from home or work . Based on this information, they can easily know how much time they have  to burglarize  your house or your office .

The research revealed, prepared by British information security program “webroot”  , that 78 % of Britons are interested in the privacy of information in the ties on the social networking such as “Facebook” networks, and “MySpace” . Despite this concern, 59 % of users in social networks are not sure of the people who learn about their information, while 78 % have information in social networks can be found through a search engine “Google”. This was approved by 36 % of social networks members that they do not hide their personal information from people who learn about the information posted on these social networks, while 28 % of people accept “friend requests” from people who do not know. One-third of social networks members indicated that they use the same password for all their accounts on the Internet. (Mohtasebi)

Unfortunately, social networking sites become the right place for identity theft because they always trying to find a hole in networking sites  . Identity thieves are using multiple ways to lure victims through Facebook, either through links that lead them to movies or videos. They ask you to send money or you won a large sum of money. For example, sometimes Facebook users sometime they receive links in messages from a familiar friend once you open this link you will lose your account immediately. Social networking sites remedied promotion and ways to protect the privacy of the users accounts, In addition they, start  providing warning messages to users through e-mail and short messages via mobile phones.

The owners of  social networking site in the beginning faced some obstacles in the process of social networking growth. The most prominent was the privacy issue; how Social networking infringed on the privacy of the individual and changed the concept of privacy and the individual. Anyone can get information on someone by spending a few minutes on the profile. Social networking owners starts to consider and create privacy features In order to provide what we are expecting to keep our Identity hidden.

The technology and the social networking is growing . Every day a  new  invention  and a new software enters our lives. . Lack of privacy can cause identity theft. To protect yourself  from identity thefts we need to be aware and have full understanding  of what they are able to do or how they can affect us. every time you register for new account  you most read the privacy and conditions  for any website with no exception.

No one likes to remember or write a complex password, but by adding more seconds to spend on a password you can save months or even years of trouble. In order to get a good  passwords you most have large and small letters. Try to avoid using a person name or personal information such as the name of the city, date of birth, is it easy for the thief to guess the words in just a few number of attempts. They can run a program to try every common words to find the password of the victim.

On the other hand , some hackers they use your website or your information  for a terrorist purpose for example, they can use your information to transfer money ,rent car  or they can use it to start a revolution or express his feeling in your account  to protect himself . (Blyth)

The technology is growing so fast, the more it grow the more we need to grow our understanding so we can adapt .We have to admit the identity theft is excise once we admit it we can protect our self’s. Identity thefts not always about money or your account they might need your information for any reason they can heart or the people how you love .so we all need to pay attention and always use the privacy features. We have to make sure making a new friends is what all social media about ,but in the same time we most check on them before accepting any request .


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 Social media is wed to communicate with your friends and the one who you love around the world. Basically the first thing you will do when you meet someone for the first time is asking for his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s ironic when you disagree or fight with someone the first thing is to unfriend him or her from your social media accounts .

The concept of sharing information with a friend is good, but are people sharing too much about them? Do you believe your information that is showing on Facebook or on any of those website is really necessary? Sharing so much information about yourself makes you exposed for everyone who has internet .The consequences of sharing your information is a serious  issue. We must be aware about what you share and what you can’t share . Facebook and some social media site they have some privacy features to convince us that the privacy still exists so they can get many users because they can make more  money. for example, Facebook makes millions by the advertisement in the users pages. They have to go through your information without your permission so they can give you a proper advertisement based in your current location.

The first thing you will do when you register for any social media websites is give up a little bit of your privacy by given your name and date of birth etc.. this information can really get us in trouble since we become very easily exposed for strangers around the world .I think the privacy exists ,but I believe it’s dying slowly . If someone stops us In the street  and ask if we are willing to share information like your name ,date of birth , where you come from , do you have a relation with someone or what school attend , your answer will be NO .You might call the police on him because it feels really weird or he could be dangerous to share it with stranger from the street, but if the same stranger found your account in Facebook or any of your social media account he definitely will know everything about you ,but this time it’s not weird to us or concern us. Even if the privacy features not showing anyone your information it’s easy to hack anyone account even if you don’t know how to hack, you can learn very fast  through the internet .

The main Purpose of all the invention around us to make our life easier. We become more dependent on technology ,but in the same time it could make your life harder if we don’t pay attention.

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