Monthly Archives: February 2018

Weekly Post

This week’s reading looks at social studies and the arts. I think there is numerous ways to engage children and use art as a framework to learn about different historical events.  I think photography is the most powerful of these tools when it is available. Photography can put kids right into the action of whatever historical even we are talking about. Looking at a strong piece of photography can almost make you feel what the people in the photos were feeling and instantly puts us into others shoes. I also think photography can be a great conversation started for kids to get them ready to learn about a new time period or event. Show them a photo and ask them what they think is happing. The obvious downside to photography is how long it has been around. We can’t show photos of events that happened before cameras were invented.

Final Project Update 1

For my final project I have decided to learn how to embroider. I have chosen to a use a pre-made template that I found at a craft supply store. It is a reusable bag that when finished will have different vegetables embroidered on it. My first step was to learn how to embroider so I asked my Great Aunt Carol and she gave me the basics. Now knowing how long it took to complete the radish I do not know if I will finish the entire bag but my goal is from this point on to finish a vegetable every two weeks.

Week 5 Blog Post

I think creativity and student learning are connected because creativity is what gets students to want to learn. I think excepting all students to learn without allowing any creativity will not work. That being said I also believe that students get more creativity the more they learn so they two concepts work off of each other.

I haven’t seen creativity explicitly written into any SOL standards but I think creativity can be incorporated into any of them. I think the reason creativity is not in standards is because it can’t really be measured.