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Making Activity

  1. How did this documentary make you feel?


This documentary mainly made me feel sad for the children in that circumstance. Where someone is from is not their choice and the decision to move to America is almost never in the hands of the children effected by this proposition. I hear a lot about immigration policies but its harder to see its direct effect on our youth.


  1. How will you reach all of your students?  Do you think art integration can play a role in bridging different socio-economic divides in the classroom?


I think art can bridge the gap in my classroom between different socioeconomic divides. I think the basis of art is creativity and that is something that all kids have regardless of wealth. To try to reach all of my students I will be cautious and purposeful about the assignments I assign to make sure they are applicable to all of my students. For example, I would not ask my students to write or draw about their favorite vacation because that is not a reality for all students.


Something not mentioned in the documentary or in class so far is that I do believe certain forms of art do create a divide between different socio-economic classes. I know the most about theater so that is the example I will use but I am sure there is others. I know a lot of students do not have the opportunity to see live professional theater ever because it is just not affordable and accessible to all. So not every student is able to gain an appreciation or an interest in this art at a young age. I think this show how especially important it is for a teacher to integrate as many diverse art forms as possible to their students because the classroom may be there only opportunity to experience it.


  1. Was there anything shocking about this documentary to you?


The film did not shock me too much because I try to stay informed. However, that being said actually seeing the faces of those effected makes it much more real.




I chose this picture of students as my multimedia because it shows how we need to get to know are students on a personal level.  Just my looking at these students we can’t say anything about them. That is why as a teacher we need to make sure we take the time to make those personal connections and to learn about our students.