Making Activity Week 12

Analog Clock (2)

My groups making activity idea was to create a learning clock. This fits under SOL Standard 1.8 where students need to be able to tell time up to the half hour mark.  Our idea for an activity was to have each student have their own 3D printed clock and for them to be able to move the hands according to the times we told them. We also had the idea of having pictures of times on a digital clock which would then have to be recreated on their analog clock.

We also discussed how this design could be modified to work with older students by instead pf using it as clock use it to create fractions. For example for half one hand would be at 12 and one would be at 6. Or 1/4 where one hand would be at 12 and one would be at 3.

(Let me know if the Zip file wont open)

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