Weekly Blog Post Week 14

I listened to¬†Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy. This selection only seemed to use piano and no other instruments. The music invokes a peaceful and calming feeling. Not happy or sad but rather just thinking about life. To me it creates an image of just walking through a beautiful piece of nature and thinking and reflecting on your own life. I think this is because the music stays at a relatively slow steady pace throughout the whole song. It also doesn’t change volume at all. After listening to it again I had similar feelings about what the piece invoked but I noticed more changes in tempo all though subtle they were present.

1 thought on “Weekly Blog Post Week 14

  1. When I listen to this piece I am immediately taken back to my ballet days. I would hear this song every day. It is a very slow calming piece of music and the piano is obviously played beautifully to evoke a calm, maybe slightly sad emotion. When I hear it I could see somebody in a very trying time of their lives during a movie, or I could see somebody enjoying nature which is what you also imagined. I do love this piano piece. Great choice!

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