Light Box Activity (Sound and Light)

Activity: For this activity we set up a light box over paper and put both convex and concave mirrors and lenses as obstructions and traced the path of the light.


Scientific Principles:  The scientific principle examined here is light waves. When light hits the convex mirror, it reflects outward and spreads out. When the light hits the concave mirror, the light reflects and focuses together at a fixed point. When light hits a convex lens, it focuses together at a single point. When light hits a concave lens, the light spreads out. On a flat mirror the angle the light came in (incident angle) and the reflection angle are equal.

Point: The point of this activity is to show students how light bends.

Introduction: To introduce this to a class I would have them first explore concave and convex mirrors and lenses. Allow the students to come up with their own observations of what happens when they look at them.

Difficulties: I don’t foresee and big difficulties with this activity. The only problem that could occur is being in a dark enough room to clearly see the lines. I would do what we did in class and have the students make dots on their paper instead of the lines so that they can trace it later with a ruler to insure the lines are completely straight.

Extensions: To extend on this activity I would connect it to contacts and glasses and how those products use lenses to improve vision.

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