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Math Unit Plan

Unit Overview (1) Math Lesson (2)reflection for lesson (1)

This unit plan focuses on SOL 1.6 “The student will create and solve single-step story and picture problems using addition and subtraction within 20”. I taught one lesson from the unit overview to the class of first graders that I was placed with.

Number Talk and Number Talk Reflection

Number Talk 1 4th Grade (1)Number Talk Final Reflection (2)

Here I have included one of my 6 number talks that I did with both 4th and 1st graders throughout the semester. This number talk was with the 4th grade class and was designed to help the students practice their mental math skills.

Math 362 Visit 2

After attending the visit, I have learned just how different all students thought processes are. Even when all the students came to the same answer when asked how they got the solution we can see just how different their thoughts are. Many found it helpful to show a picture or some other form of visual representation, some chose to just solve the problem using standard algorithms on their paper and some even chose to do those algorithms in their head.  I will use what I have learned through these interviews with students in a couple different ways in my future classroom. For one when I am teaching I will show as many ways as possible to solve the problem. You never know which way will click best with a student so giving them options is important. I will also be mindful of student’s differences when grading and looking at students work. Just because a student solved it differently then I would have chosen to doesn’t mean it is wrong. I will make sure I take the time to go through their work step by step to see their thought process and evaluate accordingly.

Math Activity File

Throughout the course of the semester I compiled a binder filled with math games and critical thinking math activities for students. My binder has over 60 different activities in it for grades k-6.  I have attached 3 as an example.

One More (1)Build A PolygonePatterns 2