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Weekly Blog Post Week 14

I listened to Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy. This selection only seemed to use piano and no other instruments. The music invokes a peaceful and calming feeling. Not happy or sad but rather just thinking about life. To me it creates an image of just walking through a beautiful piece of nature and thinking and reflecting on your own life. I think this is because the music stays at a relatively slow steady pace throughout the whole song. It also doesn’t change volume at all. After listening to it again I had similar feelings about what the piece invoked but I noticed more changes in tempo all though subtle they were present.

Final Update

The bag I was originality was working on hit a few snags (half the stitching came undone) but I have learned from my mistakes and did a smaller embroidery project to finish off the semester. I am really into the embroidered jean jacket trend and have always wanted one so I figured now would be a great time to give it a try. I started with a pencil and free handed the design on to the jacket based on a design I saw online. I then did the outline. I finished off the project by adding small details like the thorns and the flower. I think this project turned out well and am happy with the results.

Making Activity Week13

For the first clay sculpture my team looked at SOL 4.4 “the student will investigate and understand basic plant anatomy and life processes”. To use this in a classroom we would first have the students create the play dough structure of the flower, making sure to separate each part with clay. After they have finished their structure I would describe a part of the flower or its function and they would have to put the light on the part I am describing.

This activity addresses SOL K.16 “the student will identify, describe, and extend repeating patterns”. For this activity I would separate the students into groups of about 3 or 4. Each group using colors or shapes would come up with a simple pattern. The groups would then switch tables and have to place the light on the shape that comes next. This activity also benefits from the light because it would only light up if they chose the correct shape. We could do this as shown in the picture by only having the clay separating two shapes so that the other shape would not work. They would be instantly able to check their work. The only problem that we couldn’t figure out was how to only have the triangle light up and not the triangle and the circle.

For our English activity we addressed SOL 4.8 part g “use correct spelling for frequently used” words.  We would first look to students past writings and look for common themes of missed spelled words. Using the words we find that many students have misspelled previously we would set up a word on each table with two letters that need to be switched. Between those two letters we would put the piece of clay so that the light will only work if they place it correctly. Students would then work in small groups and discuss what two letters need to be swapped to correct the spelling error.

Are last activity we did was understanding the regions of Virginia. This is under SOL VS 10. Students will create a map of Virginia’s regions (we would give them a piece of paper with the outline to help). When we called out a region they would have to identify it with the light. To expand on this activity we could ask them questions about the major products and industries of each region.