Fine Arts

Classroom Newsletter

Idea for a classroom newsletter. This one was create for a fictitious class but I would use the format for an actual class in the future.

Volume 1 • March 2018

Arts Activities 

I learned how important it is to integrate art and technology into lessons. I worked heavily with 3D printing as it is something many schools are starting to add to their collection of technology. The first example of this that I included was a clock I made that its gears would move like a real clocks if you moved a wheel on the back. I created this as a way to help enhance lessons about time. I also made an example pyramid. I  created this as an example of a way older students could use a 3D printer in social studies while teaching them about a piece of technology they will likely have to use in the future. The last thing I have shown is a Play-dough circuit. This could be used to teach students about electricity or you could use it in many other creative ways to make learning more fun and hands on. My picture shows us using it for patterns.