Social Studies

Jamestown Unit Plan 

Unit Plan Final (1)

This unit plan was designed for SOL VS.3 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the first permanent English settlement in America.  I taught one of the lessons to the 4th grade class I was placed in. The students had to pack a trunk of goods as if they were leaving on a ship to go to Jamestown.

Field Trip Overview to Virginia Museum of History and Culture

Field Trip-History Museum

This assignment had me plan a field trip for my class of 4th graders to the VMHC. I had to look at cost involved, timing and what SOLs the trip would cover. I also planned activities to do before, after and during our visit to the museum.

Ancient Civilizations Unit Plan

Final Unit lesson plan

This unit plan focus on “History SOL 3.2: The student will explain how the contributions of ancient China and Egypt have influenced the present world in terms of architecture, inventions, the calendar, and written language”. It is a 7 day lesson plan and goes through all aspects of the SOL with a variety of different teaching strategies and techniques.

Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip assignment Alyssa Settles

This virtual field trip takes the students through the pyramids of Ancient Egypt without ever leaving the classroom. Virtual field trips are a great option for classes where field trips are not always an option.

Notable Persons Project 

Notable Persons Project Ideas Notable Persons Project Activities (1)

For this assignment I created a world map with movable ships for each explorer. So the students could drag the ships along the routes of the explorers.