As the instructor of my Electoral College module, I will play several roles, much like I do in my face to face classroom every day.  First I will take on the pedagogical role by facilitating the module and designing a course that allows for a “variety of educational experiences”, all of which will help students achieve set objectives, play on their strengths and address their weakness as students.  As “course designer” I will utilize some resources I created on my own but will also utilize resources that have already put together.  Therefore, I feel as if I will be 50/50 as course designer, putting materials together but also “borrowing” resources for my own purposes which we often do in education.  I will most certainly act as a feedback giver, and I believe this role is the most important because you must provide communication and feedback as students’ progress through the lessons to be sure they are achieving the intended goals and receiving help when necessary.  I found the role of “profession inspirer” and interesting one, because it’s a unique way to think of our jobs as educators.  Many of our students will have jobs that are based around technology either through training processes or every day activity.  These course could very well help prepare them to work within digital platforms such as those used in the module.

I will play the role of promoting appropriate social functioning and interaction by modeling good behavior in the online environment and encouraging students to collaborate to achieve mutual goals.  Along with the help of the Schoology platform I will also play the role of course manager by organizing and establishing an easily accessible digital learning environment that once again helps students to achieve pre-determined objectives.  I would like to think that I will also play the technical role (along with the help of our IT professionals when needed) in order to insure that students feel supported and capable at using the technology at their disposal.  I am continuously learning new technologies and how to best work them into my curriculum so this will be the role that takes the most “work” on my part.   I will act as the “technical coordinator” more so because I will be organizing resources to make them work for students but will only be “designing” and “developing” media to a certain point so I would not consider that to be one of my actual “roles” in this module.

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  1. From my perspective, the profession-inspirer was the role that felt most natural for me because the majority of my focus with students is how to prepare them for life beyond high school. Whether it’s career oriented with preparation for a career and/or college with appropriate classes or just life skills to be a productive member of society. I know these are the same skills that teachers are also working on so I guess what I’m saying is that this is a defined standard for counselors.

  2. “Therefore, I feel as if I will be 50/50 as course designer, putting materials together but also “borrowing” resources for my own purposes which we often do in education” —- BOY do you have that right. As you and I chatted about this post on Friday, I know we both agreed that it’s hard to imagine many lessons in this day and age when almost all of the roles are in some way at work.

    I do wish I knew more about how to create interactive “things” like the maps used on 270 to win. I can think of so many ways that type of skill could be put to use for so many lessons– but I am sure like most “lesson designing” it requires time that is precious and rare in our world. Excited to see how this continues to evolve– because you know I’m likely to “borrow” whatever you create for my Government classes too!!!

  3. Amanda,
    Like you, I am continually striving to learn more techniques in the technology arena. I asked Michelle Martin to help me with a web quest earlier this year to run it all through schoology and have them fill out work online and submit to me for grading on line. It was so cool. I asked her to be in the room with me when I did it the first couple of times with the students to be sure I could instruct them to follow the steps to complete the assignment. It was really cool and I think another role that could be played is the “asking for help role when we need it role”. I think it is important that our students know that they don’t have to know it all and no matter what age or education you are, you are always learning. I think we are in agreement that the overseeing discussion is really important. 7th graders can also quickly get out of hand with that. I can totally see the EC discussion getting out of hand, especially after this election we just had. I love your project idea. Thank you for all of your feedback to me on my blogs. I am feeling my way through and it is a bit uncomfortable sometimes, but I hope I am learning some things with this course. In concurrence, we definitely have to carry out a great many roles for just one lesson. I think we should be paid more. lol 🙂

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