I’m honestly not sure that MOOCs have a place in what we’ve discussed through out the course of the semester beyond the fact that they are a form of digital/online learning.  While I understand the point off MOOCs and the possible benefits they offer, I don’t see much of a correlation between the structured, motivating, well planned, communication driven learning environments that we’ve discussed creating throughout this course.

As stated in the reading, MOOCs have extremely low completion rates, offer little to no interaction between instructor and student and to me seem to be a free for all and simply a mechanism to accessing information.  I think the key disconnection between MOOCs and the type of online learning we are seeking to create is that of communication and relationship building between student and instructor.  While we’ve spent a portion of time discussing self motivation and self regulated learning amongst our students, we as teachers much stimulate the growth of those characteristics in our students by building courses that facilitate students conducting themselves in such ways.  I do not feel like a “course” with thousands of members and no student-instructor relationship can even come close to achieving this.  Again, these environments have their own place in education and can be beneficial to certain types of students, but I personally don’t feel as if high school students could benefit from such instruction; at least not if it’s the only option available to them.

As I previously stated, a MOOC seems to me to simply be a vehicle for receiving information.  While students have the opportunity to discuss the information with other students, they are not completing activities to check their understanding and they are not receiving constructive feedback from content experts.  While my module will provide students with new information, they will have multiple opportunities to apply new knowledge under my supervision and will receive support and feedback from me to be sure they are on the right track.



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