Final Reflection

I believe I have definitely made progress towards each goal.  I don’t believe I have completely mastered the world of “”online education”, however I don’t believe this was the intention of the course.  I feel as if I better understand the best practices of virtual learning, the role of the educator in such an environment and how certain technologies can be best utilized in such an environment.  As an introduction course, I believe the course work has allowed me to begin to develop my own philosophy as I move forward and allowed me an ample amount of reflection on how I proceed as an educator in the 21st century.

As stated, I feel as if I could continue to make progress on each goal considering this is a new subject for me. I feel as if I could have made better progress towards developing my module in terms of the technology utilized had I been able to commit more time to doing so.  (Unfortunately there’s just never enough time in the day!)  But I do feel as if I am on the right track in terms of creating online modules and feel as if I continue to practice I am well on my way to becoming prolific in creating and implementing online education opportunities for my students.  I honestly feel like the more I create and actually test these modules with my students the more I will learn in terms of what needs to be changed and how to better serve my students.

I believe the interaction between my colleagues and the ideas and reflection that communication garnered were some of the most effective learning moments for me.  I also believe the activities that reinforced that online and classroom educators and their roles and best practices are extremely similar were effective because they made me realize that I am already doing most of what needs to be done to be successful with online education, its just a matter of locating resources and technology and putting those things together.

The only suggestion I would  have is that we maybe could have begun the module itself earlier and create a new component each week that can be observed by our colleagues and professor and given feedback in order to decide how to better establish or implement that component.  I feel as if this may have helped me compose a better module over all if I had a little bit more feedback on specific components.

Overall thanks for a great course.  I believe I am headed in the right direction and I am eager to continue to develop myself as an online educator.

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