Virtual Reality


I have to admit, just reading about creating such a virtual learning experience makes my stomach turn.  NOT because I don’t think its a great idea, because I do, but because I am still learning to use simple technologies and this seems completely overwhelming.  I was never a “gamer” and I don’t consider myself to be creative, so creating a virtual reality to teach certain subjects sounds like quite a task.

I feel as if I could utilize virtual realities to have my students create a simulation of the Electoral College, its major steps and what could happen in different situations depending on different voting scenarios.

I do believe this would be an awesome way to teach, especially with students who are so technologically inclined and virtually oriented.  I could especially see this working with some of my students (boys in particular) who spend tons of time playing video games.  This could appeal to their sensibilities all while helping them learn, what a novel idea!

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