Discussion Questions about Dreamland

1. Is drug dealing morally right? Considering drug companies produce similar FDA approved drugs?

  • Manufacturing companies produce mass amounts of drugs daily, approved by the FDA. People die because of approved FDA just like illegal drugs. Is drug dealing okay to support a family? What would consider drug dealing wrong? Does this mean Pharmacist are bad people as well? Or even doctors that can’t save everyones lives? Addicted patients go through rehab and are still being prescribed the opiate to lean off. Why is that okay? Or even people die from these drugs cutting them off cold turkey.

2. Which component in the drug dealing industry has the biggest role? Why?

  • Is it the dealers? The addicts? The ring leaders? The producers of the drug? Why is it still in business and why? What makes the drug industry so productive, more than most small business’?

3. Why do you think that Quinones primarily focuses on the Mexican drug industry?

  • Is the author bias? He mostly covers stories about and in Mexico. Is this where he thinks the American’s are getting illegal drugs? If we Americans are reading this epidemic, why are we so concerned if this is about Mexico?

4.Why does the author bring  the negatives of the African American drug industry more than any positives?

  • He does not like the violence between the African American cartel. He continues to address the violence throughout the story.

5. Why do you think that the opiate epidemic is just now being brought into the spotlight?

  • Especially since this has been a deal for decades, even with the middle class. Striving to have more but can’t get enough. Or they are too rich to be poor but not rich enough to be comfortable, which people turn to drugs for an escape.

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