Let’s just start off with the fact that Inquiry and Craft of Argument has been the most confusing yet interesting class I’ve taken so far in my college career. Math and sciences have always been my most confusing classes, but this one tops both of them. This class has made me dig deeper into my thoughts than any other class. However, to say I’m excited for this class to be over would be an understatement.

When I first registered for this class I had no idea what it was or what it meant. To me, it was just a class I was required to take. I figured it would be a typical English class that helps construct well written papers. While I still believe this was the basis of the semester, I still learned much more than I expected. I was able to learn how to read and think thoroughly and explain my thoughts clearly. Writing our thoughts and assignments in our blogs was my favorite part of the class because I felt as though I had the freedom to write whatever I wanted.

However, there are parts of the class I personally did not feel were very helpful. Although I did love the creativity of using blogs, I did not feel as though it prepared me for writing my final paper. I’m also not a big fan of not knowing your grades or any type of point system. I, personally, feel like that is a great way to know whether you are really progressing or not. I think not having any type of points, or constructive feedback left me with a lot of confusion. But I also played a part in that because I am not always the first one to ask for help which is something I need to work on.

Overall, this class helped me realize what I can improve on when it comes to writing papers. Even though I did not learn how to do that, it is a first step in the right direction.

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