The Struggle is Real: Associative Trails #1

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So when writing and posting my first nugget last night without really knowing what a nugget was supposed to be, I didn’t do too much independent research to talk about a more interesting point in Bush’s article. In fact I did a lot of examining of everyone else’s nuggets so I had an idea of what to write for mine.
My browser history doesn’t show much other than looking at other’s blogs and opening Twitter to see if anyone posted about their nuggets there, but there is indication of searching for the photo I used in my nugget near the top.

Also, for those of you who do not know what the Struggle Bus is, please click the link. I promise it’s worth it.

9 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real: Associative Trails #1”

  1. I really enjoyed how you put all the markings on your history, i thought about doing something similar but then i realized it would be done in the crappiest way possible in MS paint and decided that it would just look better plain.

    Also that struggle bus thing was pretty entertaining.

  2. I have to admit that I did the exact same thing in relation to the nugget. I looked through so many students “nuggets” in order to do mine. Glad to know were in the same boat! I really enjoyed the struggle bus as it perfectly symbolized my struggles!

  3. Ha! I love your screen shot. Although its a joke, I like to organize and group my thoughts like you did with your history search. Thanks for sharing struggle bus.

  4. First of all, loved the struggle bus. But I do the same thing. I like to look at what other people are doing just in case I’m way off. I actually remember your nugget post, though, and it was really good so your “research” of nuggets was a success!

  5. I love all the comments on your screen shot! Figuring out what a nugget was, was my struggle as well., but at least we have it all figured out! The Struggle Bus link was very interesting and entertaining by the way!

  6. I am a frequent rider of the struggle bus. My most recent struggle is this class. But not to worry! It will get better! I really enjoyed the humor in this post!

    1. I hope it’ll get better. I just found out that this class is actually $1600; $400 more than I had calculated it to be before I signed up.

      That empty wallet struggle.

  7. Just like you, I looked through others work at first to get a feel for what I wanted to write about. The struggle bus is not new for me either. Heck, it probably stops to pick me up before yourself.

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