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This being the first set of assigned blog post for the course, I think many of us are trying to hunker down and get back into school mode (I know it’s difficult for me being back at home which has a complete lack of my normal school environment for me to give all my attention to my work). I also imagine most of us were spending our summers on the internet anyway, mainly for leisure activities, but that does not set us back.

In AlmahmoudaMJ, and this (unnamed) Thought Vector’s blog, they’ve admitted to spending a lot of time on the internet more for entertainment, particularly during the time they were researching for their nuggets. However, they all decided to tie their leisure website visits with their nuggets. Almahmouda described the “rules” of and how it relates to Bush mentioning future rules of cyberspace. Thought Vectors focusing on their excessive time on the internet and how that wasted time might be a downside for all the wonderful technology that Bush predicted. And MJ expressing that it doesn’t take her much searching to find a source worthy of use to her.
Similarly to Almahmouda and Thought Vectors, I start with a leisure site I enjoy for research on a topic I can relate to; I had originally seen the triangle diagram used in my nugget on Facebook. And like MJ, I tend to not look around too much in order to find something appropriate enough for my use, frankly because I had the idea to use the diagram once I remembered it. The most research done for that was google imaging the picture itself.

The way I went about my nugget is how I go about most things which is by comparing it to personal experience or opinion. It’s not the most professional way to analyze texts, but it’s the easiest. Perhaps in the future I could not be so personal in my future analysis of our readings.

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