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First Annual State of the Blog Address

I’m terrible with time management! So much for posting this closer to the 4th (but here’s my chance for some cheesy comment like, “You can never be late to freedom”). I wasn’t even around my computer then since I was attending the parade in our Nation’s beautiful capital. Boyfriend’s older sister was on one of the floats, so we all went out to go see her and the other festivities they had around (and the boyfriend was actually home– I don’t get to see too much of him since he’s a Marine now, but anyway, excuses aside…).
Excuses excuses(The gal in the white dress in front is her. Photogenic beauty and a sweet person, too!)

I feel like my inquiry project is coming along, but it doesn’t have the meat I’m looking for. At the moment, my question is about what make Pinterest so useful as an organization tool compared to other online social media, but I feel like I already know all the answers (it’s got lots of pictures to look at, easy to use, the hyperlinks link back to original sources/useful content, etc.) so it’s been making researching a little frustrating. I was hoping to find sources similar to the ones we’ve been reading that discuss the curation of information online (the Dream Machines article was an excellent read for my topic in particular), but all I seem to be finding are Pinterest boards. (It seems I can’t Google “Pinterest” without the majority of the results being actual boards about whatever other search term I used. Thanks Google.)

After my meeting with Jason, I realized that my trouble with researching is that I’ve been looking for Pinterest-specific sources this entire time. In fact I’ve been doing this the past two times I’ve taken this course when the whole point of the class is to find research about relatable topics and discuss why they’re relevant to my question in my own essay/blog posts. Let me just say that that has never been clear to me in my previous classes, even after several meetings with the previous professors and having the same problem.It’s also frustrated me that it seemed the entire class was about finding something you’re intersted in, research about that thing, and then regurgitating the information found in your own words. It seemed pointless.  So thank you, Jason. This class now makes more sense and I know what I’m doing!

Also, after some more looking around, I think I’d like to focus on the curation qualities of Pinterest (possibly compared to other social media sites). Why do people enjoy looking at pictures of too-good-to-be-true houses and people? What is the satisfaction of grouping together images that aren’t you own?