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Texting, Interpreting, and Extending the Pinterest Dream

For the sake of easier reading and less clicking, I just condensed all the dream posts into one.

My Primary Text: Pinterest
Ceramic pinterest

I want to focus on a Pinterest board I made (can be found here) concerning everything about ceramics from techniques to inspirations and where to buy tools (and possibly studios and artists). The goal is to use the image links as an education tool in assisting people who are learning about ceramics so they can link back to original content, videos, and online shops (to buy tools and clay). Frankly, this can be applied to any subject worth learning, but since I’m obsessed with clay and because exploring everything on Pinterest is impossible, I figure I should stick to what I know and love.

(This is a different account from my personal one just so it’s a bit more formal and won’t distract me as much. I plan on sprucing it up and adding more content, but this is just a rough sketch for now.)

The Interpretation of Dreams

I’ve explained before in a different post, but I really do enjoy Pinterest as a learning tool for a number of reasons. First off, the web layout is very easy to read and follow. The majority of the site consists of images that users “pin” and those images are also links that, when you click on them, lead you back to the website where the image is from. Users organize these pins into categories, for example:


I think pin boards are fantastic ways to organize thoughts; each board represents a particular idea (most boards I’ve seen include home decoration, food and recipes, holidays, clothes, etc.) and I believe people could get great educational uses out of them. I’m not necessarily talking purely academic subjects, but setting up boards with pictures, videos, diagrams, and links to helpful sites would be a great learning tool for taking on projects on your own. Ceramics came to mind while brainstorming all this since I have a Pinterest board on my personal account with almost 300 pins dedicated to ceramics. I love the subject and I love exploring new ideas and techniques with clay, and it’ll be easier and more enjoyable for me if I focused on this subject.
My plan is simple: using a Pinterest account I made for this class I’ll dedicate all the boards and pins to ceramics; anything from techniques, inspiration, and possible online stores where you can purchase clay and tools. The hope is that this becomes a sufficient learning tool for others as well as for me (since I’m researching all this I’m bound to learn something new). There’s no real way to include other people in this, and I doubt others will want to be looking up ceramics if they’re not interested. However, I think others can create their own accounts and boards to aid them in their own research projects. They can use their accounts to keep track of websites, articles, and other useful pages by using Pinterst’s hyperlinks, and they can use the boards to organize their sources into different thought categories. May not be the best idea, but I think it could be worth a shot.

Extending my Dream

The main questions I have about my project are whether or not Pinterest could function well as a research aid. I think I’ve given most of the reasons why it could suffice, but would others like it? Would it be too distracting?

Also, I’m new to this #tags phenomenon.

Can #Pinterest be an #EducationTool?
Will it suffice in #scrapbooking_information and #organizing_ideas that will make learning more efficient?
Would it be easy and accessible enough for people to #contribute to boards as a way of sharing ideas with each other?