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Project Prospectus: Pinterest and Curation

What am I doing?

It all began with the website I seem to spend the most time on and is now the subject of my investigation: Pinterest. It’s a huge time-sucker for me (I’ll admit to procrastinating a bit on some of these assignments while browsing through pins), but I’m also impressed with how well it’s brought together all these images I like to look and also websites and material I learn from and save for later– anything from t-shirt restorations to artists to use in future research for classes and ideas.
So far I’m finding many people who’ve written about the website share similar views; they admire how visually-enticing the website is as it’s composed mainly of images, and find great use in the images’ hyperlinks to original sites. And there’s something to be said of Pinterest as an online curation tool. It’s accessible by anyone with internet and an account (which is free!) and anyone can contribute, curate, and comment on other’s pins. Online curation has also made it friendlier (less competition as it’s not professional outside the digital world) and less concrete than say physical scrapbooks. They’re easy to update and have the capability to follow the same thinking paths as we do (as Chocano puts it, a “stream-of-conscious image blog”). Also, images are easier to react to than text, are more prone to people opening up and sharing, which is one of the many benefits of the image-based site of Pinterest.
The most important things so far I’m taking away from my sources are the importance of using images in curation and the accessibility the internet has created for the act of curating. However, these points are to be focused on the Pinterest website, but I plan to contrast it with the curating properties of other social media sites (so probably Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr). Ultimately, I’d like to show why Pinterest is a better online curating tool than other social media sites.

I’m still searching for sources, preferably ones that pertain to other social media sites and curation, but I feel better about the direction I’m going in than I did when first researching.

Aw yiss