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Reporting My Dream: Pinterest

Out of few listed sites from my previous Dreaming post, I think I’d be most interested in researching Pinterest.

I think I can go as far to say that I like Pinterest more than Facebook for a few reasons. Yes, I’m aware that the sites have fairly different purposes, but users’ profiles on each site is a type of description about themselves. Facebook asks direct questions, “What is your name? Are you single? What kind of job do you have?” and you post photos, videos, and statuses about what’s going on in your life. It just records whatever about your life you decide to post.
I see Pinterest as more of a scrapbook of each user’s interests, which may involve who they are and what they do (an example I’ve seen are art teachers pinning links to activities to try in their classrooms). I feel there’s more of a choice of who you want to be on Pinterest. Also, I like how picture-based the site is, and that the pictures are links to the source website; handy if you want to more in-depth research and find a good starting pin. Lastly, I enjoy using it as a nice looking list of movies to watch, clothes to keep an eye out for (if and when I have money), music I have and keep telling myself I’ll listen to, recipes I’d like to try, ceramics and ceramic techniques to execute in future work, and just stupid silly gifs and images to have on hand.