Weekly Blog Post #5 LMS

As a a young learner I was never introduced to LMS (Learning Management Systems). Their was never an option to track my grades unless if my parents logged. In high school I was able to check my grades whenever I needed to. I do not think it was the same software as LMS though. I was not able to share work with other students or access quizzes and more. I was only able to check grades and what assignments were due.

As a future teacher I envision myself using LMS. It seems like a software that would be extremely beneficial for the students, teachers, and myself which is a win for everyone! I also want parents to be able to see everything that their child is working on in class. Hopefully in return the parent will give their child extra practice if they see that he or she needs extra help. I also think the students will appreciate being able to track their work and have it  organized into one website. I am unsure if I would use this software with the kindergarten grade level. I think that it may be too complicated and end up taking up too much time to explain how it works.

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    I did not think about parents using the LMS as a practice tool. That can be beneficial for the student and the teacher. Kindergarten could still use paper as a technology tool. Students in kindergarten wouldn’t be able to login and check their grades for themselves. There would be different LMSs for grade levels which is important to evaluate when we teach.

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