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For this post I have decided to go over Bok’s “Is the Whole Truth Attainable”. This reading was very interesting and opened up my mind to many different ways of describing “truth”. The whole truth is not attainable, and to find the “whole truth” is just out of reach. To be able to break down different ways of attaining truth, one must known about the difference between truth and falsity, and also be aware of morals and obligations of people. I was extremely interested in the question of wether one’s intended statement is to mislead another person. I had never thought about it this way but it had definitely opened my mind to the mechanics behind the moral basis of truth and lie. It made me realize that lying is rooted from personality and the way people’s minds work. It made me realize that lying is a sort of predetermined aspect in ones life even if they aren’t thinking about it at the time. It almost becomes habitual for individuals to lie in scenarios because that’s  just how they are. A quote from the article that really caught my attention was “Any number of appearances and words can mislead us; but only a fraction of them are intended to do so. A mirage may deceive us, through no one’s fault.” Why do certain humans try to justify when a lie is committed? What i mean by this is people are quick to making conclusions before even knowing what all the details are. For instance, a person has bias and different perception then the person next to them. Everybody is custom to there own beliefs, so why do some people think others lie on purpose, while others can accept that a person is just ignorant in the matter. Not all lies are deceiving, even though some people may think they are. Is this a personality trait? or does it have to do with things linked to a persons past? These questions can only be figured out by personally talking to an individual and going back into their past. Are people born with the trait of deception already inside there DNA? or is it acquired through experience? I am very interested to learn more about this and try and figure out an answer to these unsolved questions.

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