Blog #2

For my blog post this week I have chosen Serota & Levine’s “A few Prolific Liars”. This article stood out to me because of the intensity and reasoning on why certain people lie. Many scholars believe that lying is frequent and people lie everyday. In the article I was very interested in the concept of Truth Bias. “Truth bias is the tendency to believe that a sender is telling the truth independent of the message‚Äôs actual veracity”. A lot of people believe that most people will be truthful to them, when this really isn’t the case. From the articles we have read, we know that people on average lie about once per day. What I want to know is what makes people lie more than once a day? Is it genetic, or do these people acquire these traits? We know that the base rate variation for everyday liars is small, but the base rates for the prolific liars can be very different. How do you track if people are lying? DePaulo conducted an experiment that had a small sample of students, and a small sample of people from the community near by. DePaulo tested out the amount of times each group lied per day. He noted that younger people tend to lie more than older people, and it is more common for women to lie when being one on one with another women. Now, this may seem deceitful that the statistics show people lie everyday, but al lot of these lies are to help or protect relationships. 80.1% of everyday liars say they lie to save someone’s feelings from being hurt, and another 70.3% of people do it to protect people. Is it anybody’s right to keep something from another person? Should another person be the decider of wether or not you know the truth? The morality behind these questions differs from person to person, but I believe that prolific liars may not be as bad as they’re se tout to be. Most people are looking to keep relationships sturdy, and boost confidence from the people around them. It is very hard to dictate wether or not a lie is for the better or worse. This comes back to the character and morals of the person who is deciding wether or not to lie. I do believe that most people lie because they think they’re doing another person justice, but at the end of the day nobody knows whats going on in other people’s heads. So i believe that eternal truth and being honest is always the best policy. I really enjoyed this reading and am looking forward to learning more about these types of topics!

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