Blog #4

For this weeks Blog post I am writing about Donald Trump’s file on lying. In this piece of work, we see many statements made by President Trump and also are given a percentage of how many lies he has told since elected. This article is extremely informative and biased towards Donald Trump and the things that he has said to the American people. We can conclude that whoever made this article is most likely on the left side of the political spectrum. Regardless of the bias and obvious slander towards Donald Trump, the article provides many pieces of evidence that show how many times President Trump has lied to the American people. The percentages are broken down into how much of a lie president Trump told while making a statement. It shows statements that are anywhere from “True” to “Pants on Fire”. out of the 100%, 34% of Trump’s statements were deemed “False” while 21% deemed “Mostly False”. These percentages show that about 55% of what Trump says, is either mostly, or definitely false. This is a scary percentage considering that our President is supposed to be the most trusted person in the country. This isn’t the first time that there has been research and context of President Trump lying to the American people. He has been closely watched by the media and has been under fire ever since he came into office. Yes, President Trump has lied and been caught doing so, but also has done good things for the country as well. This shows how influential and extreme the media can be. This website is very effective in showing how often the president lies to the people. Whoever created it did a fine job at making sure it put President Trump under hot water. It is good to have website and people who are always willing to tell the people the truth. If there weren’t people constantly checking and making sure that the president was doing his job, a lot of things would go unnoticed. The media is extremely influential and when the story is told right, it can persuade thousands of people to think a certain way. The more reputable the site, the more people will believe what they are reading.

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