Fishbowl leader Questions

  1. In “The Common Good” Polls tell us that the Majority of American’s today believe we are losing our own national identity.  (If you believe) What do you believe America’s national identity is, and why are we losing it?

2) In “The Common Good” it says that we should never “Normalize public Lying”. (Elected official, scientists, etc.) In this day and age with social media (fake news)  and other mass communication platforms (Media Bias) , is public lying is normalized?

3) Machiavelli states that ” Princes who do great things, keep their words of little count, and have known to captivate others through deception and shrewdness”. Is it easier to persuade someone with the truth or a lie?

4) Standardized and other Benchmark exams (SOL’s, SAT’s) have made students more worried about getting an A then actually understanding a concept. What can education systems do to make there students feel like they’re learning valuable information?

5) With divorce rates at 50% and, the statistic of 92% of individuals admitting they have lied to there significant other, (Lying to the one you love reading) does monogamy and true love seem unrealistic in this day and age? and will our generation add to this statistic or take away from it?

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