Blog #5

For my fifth blog post I am writing about the difference between journalism and the media. These two are extremely similar but at the end of the day are different from each other. Journalism is classified in a statement from G. Stuart Adam as a method of capturing and examining the events happening all around the globe and as they occur. There is belief that journalism is media-dependent, which makes perfect sense. People aren’t reading the newspapers as much anymore. The internet is the #1 source of information and everybody around the world has access to it. A person in China can access the same website as a person in America, but for newspapers, that isn’t the case. The internet is a beautiful way for people to get there ideas across, but also holds more bias then the newspapers would. Now does this mean that newspapers will suddenly no longer be a form of information? Most likely not. I believe that the paper industry and newspaper corporations will shrink and of course not be as big, but will still be in work. People like having a choice and variety on how they find there information. One person might like waking up to there phone, while another enjoys walking to the end of there street to get the mail and start reading. Digital and Paper are extremely different and people choose one or the other for many different reasons. As Adam says in his interview, there will always be a demand for new media and journalism because things are constantly happening around the country/world. Now with the Internet being so popular and widely used, anybody can post there opinions without any type of publication or reliability. At the end of the day, the Internet has fake news and there is no way of getting around it! The only way to figure out what news is truthful, one must research and find credible sources. There will always be bias in news and reports, but the more research one conducts, the more informed they’ll be on the situation. If one reads 10 articles of the same story that comes form 10 different news stations, they can dictate which parts of the story probably happened, and which ones are stretched out. Both media and journalism fall under the same concept of getting stories out to the people, but dictating which of those stories are credible is the real challenge.

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