Math is art.

Today I researched a lot about the basis of math, and the places where education has gone wrong with teaching mathematics.

The main theme that I’ve gathered from my readings. Is that, math is art, and it should be taught as such. And where the education system has failed the most is in teaching mathematics is that they take the creativity out of learning and experiencing math.

So how can we change the way we teach math to replicate the way that we teach art? Assuming that art is taught in a way that fosters creativity in students.

However the opposition makes a strong point (one I need to think about more before responding to fully), in saying that changing the way that mathematics is taught isn’t going to mean that students will start using it more. So I will respond with a quote from Lockhart:

“In any case, there would obviously be a range of student interest and ability, as there is in any subject, but at least students would like or dislike mathematics for what it really its, and not for this perverse mockery of it.”

I’ve also been exploring the role of the teacher in a classroom more, and what teachers can do to motivate and inspire exploration and discussion rather than lecturing to classes. Which is a really interesting concept for a subject like math, which people consider to be just a list of rules and equations to know how to apply. But promoting problem solving and learning in a classroom and opening up the space for discussion can’t hurt to cultivate learning, no matter what the topic is.

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2 thoughts on “Math is art.”

  1. Wow, never thought about math in relation to art. I think thats a really abstract way to think about it, and I completely agree. The teacher definitely plays a role in the interest students have in subjects, specifically math. I know from personal experience that the direction of a class in general is mostly guided by the teaching methods of a specific teacher. I think if a teacher is 100% fully invested in their topic, the student reciprocates that energy and will invest themselves as well. Love the quote!

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