Survey anyone?

Today I wanted to start with some interviewing processes, do a brief opinion poll to figure out what people think about education!

I was a little worried about the fact that I would be sharing this survey on facebook and twitter, and that a lot of my friends are engineering majors so the data would be skewed! But I ended up with a really wide range of people, from people who studied cosmetology to people who studied geology, and pretty much everywhere in between that.

I asked some basic questions, about level of schooling and the major focus of study, and then I asked people to rank topics they studied in primary school. As of now the list goes like this:

Science > English > Extracurricular Activities > History > Math > Foreign Languages > Geography

I am curious to know why science has pulled out on the top for most of these people (this is why I need another survey, oops). But if I had to guess (which I shouldn’t guess, but I am going to take it from personal experience) it is because of the hands on learning. Science lab was always a lot of fun! We might be building an egg drop container or a car, or making some fun chemical reaction! Hands on learning was always a blast.


I still need to gather all of the responses from my other questions together and find some common themes, but from browsing them it looks like people generally want to see education teach people how to think, help them to explore their interests and talents, prepare them for “the real world”, to stop “teaching to the test” and stop teaching to the slowest learner in the classroom.

Tell me your opinions here!

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