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After much thought, discussions and conversations I decided to scrap the Telenovela idea and start from scratch.  Instead I’m taking my students on a shopping spree in Spain. El Corte Ingles is my most favorite store in the world. It’s like an upscale, anything you want, one stop shopping Wal-Mart on Spanish steroids. This is still a work in progress for which your comments, ideas and suggestions will be much appreciated. I am having most difficulty in finding my support for these ideas. ¡Dale, que aqui vamos!

*My original document on Google was highlighted in different colors to emphasize actions; directing students attention and concentration. Unfortunately those colors and effects are not available on this blog.

*TPACK Lesson Plan

Victor M. Peña

TEDU 662

Spanish 1

Unit: Clothing and colors

Lesson Objectives: Students will shop at El Corte Ingles website for two outfits using previously studied vocabulary on clothes and colors.

Lesson main content:  Clothing and colors.

Lesson main pedagogy: To give the student the experience and exposure to a real life authentic situation by shopping online for clothing items in the target language; Spanish.

Lesson main technology: Use of computers to navigate El Corte Ingles website.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK): In this lesson the students will navigate El Corte Ingles’ website ( to buy two complete outfits including shoes, socks, belts and accessories. They will have a fix budget of $500.00. Students will rely on previous vocabulary of clothing items, fabrics, colors and color patterns. The students will also exchange and convert their dollars to euros ( taping into and reenforcing previous lessons on numbers. This lesson will expose the student to authentic material in Spanish, making the lesson more meaningful.

Support: VDOE Standard of Learning S1.1 thru S1.12

Technological Content Knowledge (TCK): For this lesson the student will be exposed to authentic language and its use as they navigate El Corte Ingles website, enhancing the shopping experience in a real life setting, which will help to enhance their knowledge of clothing and colors. This lesson will also help the student in reading comprehension and language development  For this lesson we will use a variety of websites in addition to the El Corte Ingles’ website such as currency converter, Schoology, Quizlet, Twitter, Snapshot and videos from YouTube.


Technical Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK): This lesson will place the learning experience in the student’s hands as they navigate the Corte Ingles’ website and make personal choices and decisions. In this way the student will  “own” the information and the outcome of their experience. The use of this technology will greatly enhances their learning as the information is presented in a “virtual” space. The use of this technology far surpasses what we did before we had this tool, where we had to rely on the use of catalogues, sometimes from years old editions, manually cutting the image with scissors and pasting with glue on construction paper. I am taking this lesson one step further where the student will have to post to Twitter and/or Snapchat social media sites to bringing the lesson to a more personal level using a technology that most (if not all) young students already use in their daily lives.


Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK): This lesson will expose my students to authentic language as they immerse themselves in a real world situation. This lesson will also enhance their reading skills as well as their writing and speaking skills as they describe and share the items they have bought with their classmates and others in their “social media world”. Other than getting on a plane and actually going to Spain to El Corte Ingles, this lesson will provide my students a great alternative to the real thing. The use of the target language and immersing the students in the language and the culture will be a more realistic way to learn and use the newly acquired vocabulary. Through this lesson the student will also get a sense of the cultural sensibilities of Spain in the choices of styles, colors and fabrics that El Corte Ingles offers their spanish customer. This experience will increase motivation, which will spark curiosity into other areas and will eventually help the student to communicate more effectively in the target language with more relevance and purpose.


TPACK Lesson Plan

Spanish 1

Unit: Clothing and colors

Lesson time: 90 minute class period.

Lesson Objectives:

  1. You, the students, will shop for two outfits at Spain’s number one department store El Corte Ingles website. You will have a fixed budget to accomplish your objectives. You will use the previous lesson’s vocabulary on clothes and colors. Rely on cognate words as you read and understand meaning from the context.
  2. Have fun. Enjoy the experience of shopping online. As you shop, look at how different or similar the fashion styles are from the ones here in the USA.  
  3. Before you start shopping you may want to check El Corte Ingles’ promotion video for the fall. ( The model in the comercial is Coco Rocha.  Hey guys, it’s a woman’s world.  If this fashion thing is not for you, think of the frivolity of it all and laugh; there are still some cool outfits for guys that will probably catch the eye of any señorita.

Lesson Setup and Procedures

Follow this checklist to setup your shopping bag “canasta”):

  1. ___ On your computer log on to your Schoology account. Go to our classroom.
  2. ___ Open a new Folder and label it with your last name, first name and class period
  3. ___ You will save your items here by adding the image of the clothes you buy. Keep this window open.
  4. ___ Open a new Tab.
  5. ___ Go to ( log on to your account and search for Sr. Peña’s lesson on clothing and colors. Review the clothing and color vocabulary. Its also a good idea to review your numbers in Spanish. 

Follow this checklist to setup your shopping:

  1. ___ You have a budget of $500.00 dollars to buy two (2) complete outfits; including shoes, socks and accessories (hats, belts, earrings etc). One outfit should be casualwear suitable for school or an outdoor activity.  The second outfit must be a more formal outfit suitable for a baptism or wedding.
  2. ___ Go to ( and exchange/convert your $500.00 to Euros(€). You must spend all your money, but be thrifty, check out “las gangas”.
  3. ___ Write the price on the top left corner of the document you created in Schoology.

___ Go to El Corte Ingles website ( Navigate the site by first going to the top left corner of the page and click on “Todos los Departamentos” and choose the department of your choice.

  1. ___ As you choose your outfits:
    1. ___ copy and paste the URL of that item to the top left corner of the page under the exchange rate you previously wrote (document you created on Schoology and that you labeled with your last name etc.)
    2. ___ copy the image of the item you bought and paste it under the URL.
    3. ___ Write the price of the item in the under the URL .
    4. ___ Describe the item using three descriptive adjectives.

Continue shopping until you have selected and completed your outfits.

  1. If you have money left:
    1. ___ buy a gift for a newborn baby girl for a baptism. Or…
    2. ___ shop for some cookies in the Supermarket of El Corte Ingles (Main page, left top corner “Todos los Departamentos”)
  2. When you have completed your shopping:
    1. ___ Save and upload to class.
  3. ___ Go to and log on to your Twitter account.
    1. ___ Post a picture of your favorite outfit item. Write a comment with it (Use the expression “Me gusta or “Me Encanta” or “Me fascina porque…”) and hashtag it #myECIoutfit.
    2. ___ Click on the hashtag (#myECIoutfit) and check out some of your classmates posts.
    3. ___ Write a comment in Spanish to your favorite classmates’ outfit. Be nice. (Use the same expression “Tambien me gusta porque…” or “No me gusta porque…”)

You have completed your assignment. ¡Bien hecho!

We will share our tweets and comments with our classmates on our next class.

6 thoughts on “TPACK Lesson”

  1. Mr. Pena, I really love the new lesson that you have created! Talk about student engagement! I believe that this will be a great way for your students to strengthen their vocabulary while applying it to a real life experience. I really like that fact that you are sneaking some math in there with the currency conversions.
    I believe that you did a good job with the TPACK framework. You are applying effective pedagogy, and your use of technology seems like it will be very effective, and fun. It all seems to fit together nicely in a real life, engaging lesson for your students.

  2. Victor,
    I remember visiting this store when I was in Madrid two summers while in high school. I think your idea is a great one. The internet has opened up the opportunity for students to visit, virtually, an authentic Spanish store. The students also have the opportunity to practice the vocabulary and skills that they have learned in class.
    I cannot wait to hear how successful this lesson is. I think your students are going to gain as an authentic experience as possible without actually visiting the store.

  3. Victor this lesson is AMAZING! Bravo!!!!

    Looks like you need help with the support. Go back to what you know in your profession for the support. For PCK and TCK – why are authentic materials so important and why/how does the internet (the Corte Inglés website) foster than better than an alternative approach. Feel free to use SOLs (as you have) as well as ACTFL standards.

  4. Mr. Pena,

    What a wonderful idea! The task is authentic. The experience is real life. Plus the cultural immersion. I also think that students will catch many new words and grammatical structures with their peripheral attention while completing the task. A great idea!

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