Rough Draft Reflection

My rough draft was not as successful as I had hoped. I need to do a lot of work to get my essay where it needs to be before I turn it in for the final. I had been writing all day and my mind was a little worn out so I think I may […]

Inquiry Project Proposal

My final Inquiry Project will be centered on music and the way that social media has impacted the music industry in all aspects. I will introduce my topic by explaining how the music industry is founded on the tastes and trends of consumers, and will discuss how these are the aspects of popular culture that […]

How Music Works/Research Update

How Music Works is a nonfiction book by David Byrne, lead singer of the band Talking Heads.   This book discusses many aspects of music from cultural, sociological, physical, financial and more. I borrowed this book from a library in the past and skipped around from chapter to chapter reading bits and pieces. Every chapter […]

MetaMetaMeta Concept Experience

While reading the instructions for this concept experience, I felt a slight pang of apprehension as I realized that the majority of my posts have not been very creative in the internet/computer/blogging definitions of the term. I must admit that my aptitude for all things electronic is not very impressive. My strength has always been […]

Personal Dynamic Media Nugget

A Dynamic Medium for Creative Thought: The Dynabook We envision a device as small and portable as possible which could both take in and give out information in quantities approaching that of human sensory systems (Figure 26.2). Visual output should be, at the least, of a higher quality than what can be obtained from newsprint. […]

Daily Research #2

FACT: YouTube is the most watched and most popular video sharing site in the Internet. Back in 2010, YouTube surpassed 2 billion video views per day and is continuously growing. Every 60 seconds, 24 hours of video are being uploaded into YouTube and about 20% of total uploads are music videos. – This site is very similar to the one […]

Daily Research #1

As it turns out, my topic for my final Inquiry Project may be much more relevant than I initially realized. It seems there is a relatively large body of research being conducted on the various effects that social media has had on the music industry. The first site I have come across with information useful to […]

Inquiry Project Proposal #2

I have continued to contemplate and refine the direction of my research towards my final inquiry project, and have narrowed it down to a few questions with minor variations. I know that I want my project to involve four key elements: music, social media, individual differences in perception, and similarities in perception among groups of […]

Progress Report/Research Reflection

Computer Lib./Dream Machines Concept Experience

This concept experience was rather unexpected, until now, I have only considered the content of my blog. This concept experience forced me to consider not only the content, but also the appearance and appeal of my posts. Ted Nelson’s concept of “fantics” (as coined in his “Computer Lib.” essay) can be described as rhetoric re-imagined for […]

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