Rough Draft Reflection

My rough draft was not as successful as I had hoped. I need to do a lot of work to get my essay where it needs to be before I turn it in for the final. I had been writing all day and my mind was a little worn out so I think I may have been in an autopilot of sorts. My claims were much less precise and clear than I intended, and I need to find much more media to include in my final inquiry project site. I have been scouring the internet all day for more illustrative examples that support the points I make in the written component [of my inquiry project]. So far I have been successful. My writing makes claims that the internet is the world’s largest communication source, so I have been taking this to heart and using primary sources from the internet as support for my claims. Many of these primary sources, such as quotes from fans in comment sections and artist pages are colorful and aesthetically acceptable, so I may use these as images rather than direct quotes worked into the text. Overall I think the general direction of my paper is acceptable, but rather my wording and exposition that needs work. This thorough revision I am working on should clear up an grotesque errors present in my project.

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