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In the article “Man-Computer Symbiosis “, the writer starts off by giving an example of what Symbiosis is.  Symbiosis is basically the interaction between two different organisms in which they both benefit from.  This interest me because in a way it is connected to the evolving ideas concept that Bush had.  People create extraordinary ideas based off of evolving ideas of others and in a way it’s a symbiosis interaction.


Licklider and Bush both wanted to predict science, and they both, in different ways, did exactly that. Man-computer symbiosis is the interaction between man and the computer. Computers benefit us in a great way because they do the work for us. When you search for a question on google the computer does all the work to find the answer. We use our computers as our second brains. Instead of remembering all the information and data we need we just store it on the computer. They also make obtaining information and getting in contact with people all over the world with in a split second easier. It is kind of scary the things technology can do and in a way i feel like it is making us lazier as people. I agree with a statement i read in another blog that stated  in this day and age where technology is so advanced, information is at our fingertips but I still feel like my generation is lost. We refuse to learn, we refuse to do better and just do the bare minimum to get by.  Some days i admit I even fall victim to this and the thought of computers creating their own goals like how Licklider mentioned is scary.


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This picture that I found was made by a guy name Steven Johnson. In his article he discussed where good ideas come from and he basically goes into detail about how ideas take time to evolve. Some of the things that this guy talks about in his article is very similar to the ideas of Bush. Steven Johnson mentions how one person’s good idea can become even better once combined with a similar evolving idea. He also talks about how now of days the world is more connected and how more and more new ideas are being shared all over. Johnson’s ideas have the same concept as Bush when he stated that science provided a record of ideas and has enabled man to manipulate and to make extracts from that record so that knowledge evolves.


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In the article “As We May Think”, they talk about how science provides the swiftest communication between individuals. They mention how it has provided a record of ideas and has enabled man to manipulate and to make extracts from that record so that knowledge evolves. I agree with this because it happens all the time not just in science but every day in this world. People all over are constantly learning from each other and evolving. For instance social media evolves all the time. A while back almost everyone had a Myspace. In the beginning, when it was new, you would notice everybody had plain pages or they would have one of the Myspace backgrounds on their page. Not long after, people started learning how to design their pages with personal pictures, songs they like, and etc. In order to do this though you would have to copy these long codes and paste them into your settings, which was kind of a hassle because if it was not exact then the background would not display correctly. Then there was Facebook and Twitter which I believe all evolved from Myspace even though they all differ from each other in some way. These new social media sites were more improved and up to date. Instead of copying long codes to decorate your background you could just upload the picture or song straight from the library in your phone/computer. The people who create Facebook and Twitter all used ideas from Myspace and other social media sites that were there before them to create something better. It’s like a cycle that just starts with this one small idea and evolves into something greater.

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