Research Check-in #1

Ethical Situation: Students often obtain Adderall in times of exams to help focus and this week, my sister was warning me to refuse if I was offered. So my ethical situation is: Is the use of non-prescribed Adderall considered cheating?


List of things I need to research/learn about:

Students: Why students take Adderall?

What is the prescription of Adderall for?

How students obtain Adderall?

Doctors: How do they prescribe Adderall?

The health effects of taking unprescribed or unneeded Adderall?

School: What’s VCU’s code about Adderall?

What benefits does Adderall give to students that go against the honor code?

Adderall: How is it made and how has it been used?





Adderall on College Campuses:


Adderall Effects as a Drug:


Adderall History:

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