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Hi! My name is Rodrigo Arriaza. I’m studying Print/Online Journalism here at VCU, and I’m in my junior year.  Outside of school, my interests include being straight edge, rolling my socks, eating empanadas and playing the Aladdin game for Super Nintendo.

I signed up because I didn’t really know that much about the UCI bike race. I thought that by going through this class and being in the middle of this news making event, I would be able to educate not only myself but all of the readers of the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the race and why it’s so important.

I started riding a bike to get around the city last semester, and I use it daily to get to and from my house and campus. I don’t have any experience with bicycle racing.

I mainly use Facebook, and through that I keep up with events happening around the campus and the city, make new contacts for news stories, and keep up with friends.

I’m excited to get started with this class and covering the UCI bike race in Richmond!

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