Molly B. Ransone will lead the weekly process-based art activities in the face-to-face sessions, as well as design and lead the online student engagement component of the course. She has been the leading force on the creation of the Artfulness curriculum and online experience, since the idea first came about as her Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute team project. She received a Quest Innovation Fund grant to create, based on the curriculum that she helped create. She has a master’s degree in Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University and a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies, with an emphasis in “Representations of Race and Gender in Art and Film”, from University of California, at Santa Cruz. She is currently the Assistant Director of Learning Media Innovation at VCU ALT Lab, which is an A&P faculty position.

Brinson Leigh Kresge will open the first half of our face-to-face sessions with a mixture of yoga, guided meditations, and breathing exercises. She contributed to session one in the online curriculum, with a breathing exercise and a dance activity that focused on vinyasa. She also opened the three Artfulness events at the Depot with yoga and a breathing exercise. She is an adjunct professor in Yoga, in the VCUarts Department of Dance and Choreography. Leigh has been practicing asana since 2000, and has had a dedicated Ashtanga practice since 2003. In 2007 she received her 200-hour certification in Boston, MA. As a dancer, she was drawn to the connection between breath and movement, the physical benefits, and the discipline of this practice. As she continued studying, she became increasingly dedicated to the philosophical and spiritual depths available and inherent in the Ashtanga system.

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