The School of Life: What is Literature For?

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The School of Life. “What is Literature for?” Online video clip. YouTube, 18 Sep 2014. Web. 1 March 2016.

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What is Literature for? What purpose does it serve? These are the question addressed in this video. Literature saves you time by giving you access to a range of emotions and events that you cannot possibly experience all in one own life. Essentially anything that someone does not have the time or means to do, can be done through reading, which the ultimate reality simulator. You can travel back to 1066 for the Norman Conquest or the early 20th century and experience women’s suffrage. Literature makes you nicer. It allows you to consider the consequences of your actions and to literally see something from someone else’s point of view. Literature also tends to be against money and power or the dominant system of values held by a corrupt society. Literature is also a cure for loneliness. You can relate characters in literature that are much like yourself with absolute honesty or theirs endeavors and emotions. It is stated that in the best books, it is almost like the author knows us better than we even know ourselves. Writer’s open our heart and minds and make us more comfortable in being who we are. In great works of literature, we find our own neglected thoughts. Next, books prepare us readers for failure. Much of literature is about failure which we can experience through characters in a way that you cannot experience through media reports of someone’s failure. Literature does not judge that failure so harshly but instead allows us a round view of their situation. Reading literature is far more than a passing of time but a necessary medicine for our minds.


This video beautifully sums up why literature is important in an emotional way. I couldn’t agree more that literature is the best reality simulator money could buy. You can basically find a book that will take you to anytime in history and experience any perspective. I love how with reading you can experience a life that I myself will never have. I can experience the life of a serial-killer, or an astronaut, or even an author in the most compelling and gripping way possible. Literature definitely has the potential to make one a nicer and more empathetic human being. With much of literature, the content involves human emotion. Despair, love, joy. These can all be found in literature and can make you more sensitive to other’s feelings given your experience with them through reading literature. Many of the ideas expressed in literature are very important. Literature does not have to be about money or power but more often than not, something more human and relatable like love. Lessons can be learned through reading that can change one’s life. I can name at least 10 novels that have indefinitely impacted who I am today in some way or another. Reading definitely cures loneliness. In my moments of despair and helplessness, I turn to books. It can be healthy to consume your thoughts with someone else’s struggles and problems. I thinking reading literature is so important in life. Books tell stories in a way that movies and music never can. I think one must read literature in order to be a rounded or complete person

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