Daily Art week 14 :post 4


In math 303 we created a tessallation using the geo gebra website.

STANDARD G.10 -> Identify tessellations in art, construction, and nature.

week 14: kids engineering

For our class this week we had to make a stand for out doll as well are four different outfits for each of the seasons.




Autumn :

Week 13: squishy Circuits

In class we worked with play dough to make squishy circuits. We were instructed to incorporate squishy circuits into an SOL activity.

For the first activity we made a frog. This activity included the science SOL 2.4, which talks about the life cycle. For our activity the students would be instructed to construct an animal and talk about its life cycle.

For the second activity our group decided to create squishy circuits to teach symmetry in math, SOL 2.15. for this activity the students would use the already made circuit to find the match.

For our third activity we created a squishy circuit we could use for language arts. We focused on English SOL 1.4. For this activity the students would create squishy circuits for ending punctuation. The teacher could read a sentence out loud, and the students then have to decide which punctuation is most appropriate.

And for our last squishy circuit we decided to address social studies SOL 2.1, that involves looking at the contributions of Egypt and China.  The teacher will give a statement, the students then would be asked to light up the correct artifact that shows which civilization contributed.

Final project update #3

I have decided to create one silhouette picture of a Colombian folk dancer.  But i have not decided which of the two drawings I like the most.