Final Project


At the beginning of the game, all games tiles are randomly face down in piles.

Each player starts with on Journeyman piece on the starting tile or oasis tile.

Each player rolls two dice to see who goes first. Highest roller goes first the order of play is clockwise from the first player.

You win the game by Holding 10 Victory point. You receive and Victory point the first time you visit an Exportation tile. Once an exploration tile is on the field any player can claim a treasure from it but a player may remain on that exploration tile to harvest resources (counts as a collection) that are connected to the border of the Exploration tile. You may only be on 2 exploration tiles at the same time. Exploration tile must be 2 tiles away from each other.

When you start your turn, you roll a die (you get an additional die once you have 3 journeyman pieces or for each time management card you hold) the number you roll will represent how many actions you can make this turn. You now roll two dice (or additional die for each advanced weapons technology card you possess) to see what your offensive abilities are this turn. Any person that has a journeyman on a number that is rolled during this phase collects the resource that tile represents. You can now perform your actions.

Actions you can perform on your turn;

  • Movement across one tile (You cannot move onto or through a tile another journeyman is on without engaging in combat)
  • Explore Tile (lets you place a new tile next to a tile that your journeyman pieces are on. You collect a resource for each tile you explore, if one of your journeymen ends their turn on a tile they explored this turn they can collect the number of resources for whatever number is on the card).
  • In game purchases trade your resources for the available cards, exploration tiles, or journeyman.
  • Trade with another player, (can trade any resource or card but can only be done if both players are on odd number tiles)
  • Engage in combat (counts as a movement). Defender rolls 2 dice (additional dice for each advanced defensive technologies cards the owner possess) to determine defensive combat strength. The Loser of combat returns their losing piece to the oasis tile and pays the winner 3 resources. The winner moves to the loser’s tile.
  • Collection, collect a resource for each tile your journeyman is one, or the four resources that surround any exploration tiles you are on. This can only be done can be done once a turn.
  • Destroy one of your GR or BM cards.

There are 4 resources in the game, the color of the tile corresponds with the resource it


Nutrition(water) – Blue                                                 Victory Point are represented by Red

Influence – Green                                                         and counters are represented by Orange.

Gold – Yellow

Technology – Purple

Weekly Blog Post: Evaluating Music

The Instruments I picked up on were  Drums, Keyboard, Electric Guitar, and the Bass. This piece communicates unabashed confidence and high energy.

These lines are constant throughout the song and make the message of affection and freedom. The song gives me the impression of a summer romance

“Ooh, I wanna dance into the mornin’
Kiss ya like ya never been kissed before me
I would go anywhere you wanna go
With your hand in my hand”

The lyrics here coupled with the upbeat pace of the song create a tone in the song that prevents it from being interpreted differently as anything but light-hearted.

Raw passion without the wisdom to use it fully, and choices based almost entirely on the value a memory would have. The joys that make life exciting and the stories worth telling.


Final Art Project Update

Sahara Piece

This is the 3d Piece I created for the Board Game that I am creating.

I have also Structured the board game and ordered the basic pieces, The things that I still need to do for the game create the board pieces and design the cards for the game. The biggest challenges that currently have is deciding the most efficient way to create my item cards and my game tiles and working out the kinks in the rules.