Learning Partners

What is a learning partner?

On each of our Alternative Break trips, we invite one faculty/staff member to act as a learning partner.  Learning partners add to the experience by:

  • Deepening reflective dialogue by bringing their diverse knowledge and experiences to group reflections on service.
  • Providing a mature influence to encourage students to make wise decisions
  • Acting as a resource for agency site leaders by providing advice and/or support
  • Building relationships with student break leaders and participants while in a non-traditional role
  • Encouraging long-term relationships between the AB at VCU organization and other VCU offices
  • Serving as the legal representative of VCU for the break in case of accident or emergency

Visit our Learning Partner Manual to learn more about the role, and submit your 2019-2020 application here!

Application profiles are due November 1, 2019.


Contact Nicole Patterson at nlpatterson@vcu.edu for more information.