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29 juli: Abschied

Abschied: farewell

Today was my farewell to Vienna.

As glad as I am to get home (and for my short stay in Switzerland!) I am desperately sad to see the city go. I’ll miss constantly hearing German around me, and the ease with which German flows from me. I’ll miss wonderful bread and perfect coffee everywhere I turn. I’ll miss the Wienerish dialect and readily available trashcans everywhere and schniztel and apfelsaft gespritzt. There’s so much to miss in the big city.

As if saying good-bye to the buildings and the abstract concept of Vienna wasn’t enough, I also must say good-bye to the dear friends we’ve made in Vienna. We said a long good night to Arnie as he headed to his plane to Hungary last night. We hugged our Sprachenzentrum friends good-bye yesterday as we left the Uni Wien building for the last time. Our friends Rebeka and Sara came to the train station to see our little group off to Switzerland with promises of letters and postcards as we continue our adventures.

I’ll never forget all the connections I forged in Vienna, both with people, culture, and land. But it’s not good-bye, really. As my professor said at our graduation, “man sieht sich immer zwei mal.” This is merely a “see you later”. Hopefully, its a “see you soon”.


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